How to Find True Love

heart-1137259_1920If you want to find true love, I mean soul-shaking love, I have a secret for you:

You already have it.

What?  Yes.  It’s inside yourself.  If you want true love you first have to love yourself.  You have to love yourself so much that it doesn’t matter if someone else comes along because you have already filled your body up with your own love.  Only then may you find love with a partner.

I learned this reading the book “The Mastery of Love” (I highly recommend everyone read it).  Sure it says some silly things like “love your partner like you love your dog” but it also says some groundbreaking things about love.

They talk about a magical kitchen.  And in that kitchen you can cook whatever you like at any time.  Then imagine a woman (or man) comes to the door with a pizza and says, “You can have this pizza but in return you have to do everything I say.”  Well you would refuse stating, “I don’t want your pizza.  I don’t need your pizza.  I have my own pizza and everything I could ever want right here in my kitchen.”  But imagine the opposite:  you are starving and the person shows up with a pizza.  You would take the pizza and do as they say just to avoid being so hungry.  Then you would take another pizza when you got hungry again and before long the other person would control you.

Now imagine that is love.

We have our own magical kitchens.  First, we have to fill ourselves up with love.  We have to overflow our body and soul with self-love so that no one else can control us or abuse us.

So what are you going to do today to love yourself?


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