Doing What Matters: Part 6

In case you missed out on this series, you can start from the beginning here.

Ignoring what matters and avoiding the circle of doom.  Set realistic targets.  Never chase unrealistic sustainable growth targets.  Control costs and maintain them at the appropriate level – ZOG.  Invest in the marketing of your brand and make sure you maintain the level.


The future and right road map matters.  Articulate your strategy clearly and precisely.  Let people know what they shouldn’t do and provide clear direction on where the business should and should not go.  Securing an advantage must drive all issues.  Focusing on innovation isn’t enough, you need continuing improvement.

Thinking for the long-term matters.  Most people aren’t committed to long-term and set short-term goals.  Many shoot for the quick goal to achieve a boost in their career.  Long-term is thinking about your business’ future.  Speaking with my friends over at Tucson Pest Control, cost reductions must be part of your way of thinking through a business career.  He says to engage your business you must utilize innovation.  Plan incremental innovations.  Celebrate success.  And I agree completely.

Doing the right thing matters.  The role of politicians needs our help.  Be guarded and prepared dealing with the media or a politician.  Agree in advance on subject matters.  The media is professional and they know what questions to ask.  Beware of quoting any commitments.  Less is more.  Be guarded but honest with the media.  Realize there’s no such thing as an off-the-record comment with the media.

Learning matters and reflecting on a career being continuously dissatisfied.  Loyalty and long tested relationships really matter.  Personal moments matter throughout a lifetime.  The secret to success is doing something you enjoy.  Making the tough decision to terminate someone is difficult but do it immediately.  Terminations should not be judgmental but an attempt to help that person find something they enjoy doing.  Winners do the necessary homework to meet or beat a goal.  Constructive discomfort with yourself, your business or your product will fuel ongoing change and progress.  But never allow your dissatisfaction to become negative or dysfunctional.

So what does matter – growth, relationships, loyalty, small moments, timely decisions, doing what you enjoy (and find someone who will pay you to do it), life’s early lessons you learned from your parents growing up, the right team surrounded with the right people, and confronting reality when change is needed.

That’s the end of this inspiring book series Doing What Matters.  So go focus on what matters and let me know if you have any questions or comments!



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