Focus On Your Why

I was watching an episode of Gary Vee yesterday and he featured Simon Sinek.  Simon has a famous Ted Talk that exploded back in 2010.  He focuses on your “why” both in life and at work.

Many of us know what we do for a living.  We may even know how we do it.  But very few of us have our own personal vision of WHY we do what we do.  This is they key we need to go to work energized and come home fulfilled.

Simon has a great program called, “Find Your Why.”

But you don’t really need a program to find it.  Think about the following questions:

  • What gets you fired up and excited?
  • What things do you love to do?
  • What things do you hate to do?
  • If you could do anything in the world, no restrictions, what would it be?
  • What is the best vision of your future for yourself?

These types of questions will bring your closer to your why.  So, in order to discover yours I recommend buying a notebook or a journal and start writing about your hopes and dreams.  Your passions.  Ask friends what they think about you and what are your best and worst qualities (and refrain from getting offended.  Remember, this is all helpful self-realization information).

Start focusing inward and see if you can find your “why.”

That’s all folks.  Comment below and tell me what is your why.



Book Review Series Part 2: Fundamentals, People & Attitudes Matter

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, you can do so HERE.

Fundamentals, people and attitudes matter.  Kilts was given so much advice by many influential people on how he should handle matters when he took over at Gillette.  Many advised him to give people time to get to know him before deciding to change things.  You are always confronted with an insurmountable amount of information and a number of options and conflicting opinions.  It takes guts to say what are the things that really matters.  There is a right direction to eliminate the other options and do what will matter.  Gillette came out with the Mach III razor in cool blue which increased sales.  There were no improvements to the razor other than a new name and hot blue colored handle.  Then Schlick came out with a competitive Quattro.  So Gillette came out with a red four blade razor to compete.  Red symbolized a red supercharged car and the challenge of taking on high speed cars.  It went on to be the most successful in razors.  Get to the heart of the matter by knowing what really matters and doing it.  How you get to the heart of what matters defines you as a leader.  Kilts utilized a fast-track, quick screen elimination process as a way to get solutions.  Force yourself to give simple and clear answers.


Stay tuned for part 3 of this inspiring book series.

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Book Review Series Part 1: Doing What Matters



This is a book review of Doing What Matters written by James M. Kilts and John F. Manfredi. Kilts was the chief executive officer of The Gillette Company and negotiated the sale to Procter & Gamble for over 57 billion dollars. With that sale he managed to gain a few million himself! Kilts is currently a partner at Centerview Partners, an investment banking and private equity firm in New York. Co-author Manfredi heads a strategic consulting and communications group, Manloy Associates. He was one of the executives who turned around Nabisco and Gillette. Co-author Robert Lorber is CEO of Lorber Kamai Consulting Group which provides productivity improvement systems in several continents. The book focuses on an action plan for identifying and tackling what’s important and ignoring the rest as a key to winning in this fast paced world.
How do you decide what to do that really matters. Kilts’ experience led him to the approach to do what matters most and author this book. The worse a company does the more likely it is that more people will be graded higher. Cost cutting is revolutionary and old school in doing what matters. Doing what matters can facilitate a quick escape from doom. Experts focus on the first 100 days of knowing how a person is doing in a new position. Kilts believes it should start from day one.

Stay tunes for more in the 2nd part of this book series…



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I was born and raised in the wonderful Tucson desert.  I am grateful for all this desert has given me, including the abundant sunshine we get year round.  I hope you can relate to my stories, my research summaries and my book reviews.

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